Low Grade Euphoria is a series of short videos conjuring pleasure, care and companionship against a backdrop of covid-isolation. With imagery inspired by visual ASMR and the aesthetics of femme self-care, the videos bring together intimately-scaled dance performance, new music composition, handcraft, text, and design. Collaborating entirely at a distance, the project's co-creators explored a process that prioritized artists as whole people. Artistic creation was adapted to fit the realities and rhythms of each other's lives, inside and outside of the project. 
Low Grade Euphoria offers delight, discomfort, humour and softness: a set of small gifts for the present moment. Co-creators: Kyla Gardiner, Barbara Adler, Stephanie Cyr, Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi As part of Rumble Theatre's Tremors Festival 2020.